Asphalt Drum Mix Plants

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of asphalt drum mix plants in China. The drum mix asphalt plant is designed and produced in accordance with international standard and has been widely accepted by customers both in China and foreign countries. In order to satisfy customers’ requirements, our company always supplies high-quality and good-performance asphalt drum mixing plant.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Main components:

1. Dry drum system. The whole dry drum uses heat boiler plat. Besides, the drum can carry large capacity materials.

2. Dust collection system is combined with primary dust collection and secondary bag house dust collection, which can reduce environmental pollution.

3. Mixing system adopts double shafts, having good mixing performance.

4. Vibration screen has optimized design against dust spills, more environmentally friendly.

drum mixing asphalt plant


1. All components used are of top quality.

2. All moving parts and electrical parts are provided with safety covers.

3. Low cost ,the weighing accuracy of aggregate and bitumen is high.

4.The discharging-dust meets the requirements for national environmental protection.

5.The mixing scale-board and blade use wear-resistant alloy cast iron and its mixing shaft adopts alloy cast steel.


Type LB500 LB750 LB1000 LB1500 LB2000 LB2500 LB3000
Rated production 30-40t/h 50-60t/h 60-80t/h 90-120t/h 120-160 t/h 160-200 t/h 200-240 t/h
Cold aggregate 4containers 4containers 4containers 4containers 5 containers 5 containers 5 containers
container ×6m3 ×6m3 ×9m3 ×9m3 ×11m3 ×11m3 ×11m3
Dry cylinder 1.1m×4.2m 1.3m×5m 1.5m×6m 1.8m×7m 2.2m×8m 2.35m×9m 2.5m×10m
Bag dust-remover CNM156 CNM240 CNM357 CNM476 CNM654 CNM832 CNM1012
Emission standard 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3
Vibrating screen 4 layers 4 layers 4 layers 4 layers 5 layers 5 layers 5 layers
Hot aggregate 12t 12t 26t 26t 5/40t 40t 80t
Mixing kettle 500kg 750kg 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 2500kg 3000kg
Mixing cycle 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s
Mineral powder 30t 30t 26+36t 26+36t 30+43t 30+43t 50+35t
tank volume
Asphalt tank 30000L 30000L 50000L 50000L 2×50000L 2×50000L 3×50000L
Heat conduction 200,000 200,000 300,000 300,000 500,000 500,000 800,000
oil stove  kcol/h kcol/h  kcol/h  kcol/h  kcol/h kcol/h kcol/h
End-product container 50t 50t 90t 90t 110t 110t 200t
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