Precast Concrete Differs with Ready Mix Concrete

We can often hear precast concrete and ready mix concrete or precast concrete batching plant and ready mix concrete batching plant in construction industry. With only one word distinction, do you know what is the difference between them specifically? Here we will look at it. Ready mix concrete, also known as commodity concrete, refers to the concrete stirred concentrated in factory or workshop and then transported to the construction site. It is often sold as a commodity so it is also called ...

The Classifications of Concrete Batching Plant

No matter you are only interested in concrete batching plant or want to purchase a set of the machine, you need to know the classifications of concrete batching plant in today’s construction industry. The reason is that in large extent the classification decides the process layout, use, equipment and other programs. By knowing some classification knowledge, you can easily communicate with the factory workers and at the same time satisfy your own needs. The classifications of concrete batching...