Statement of Brand Change

For regulating international market and improving brand influence, our company launches a new brand Logo —–AIMIX, which is used for international business and abroad market. “AI” is the abbreviation of “Artificial Intelligence” and MIX means mixing, with distinct characteristics of construction industry. New identity also signifies our enterprise is stepping into a group company with fusion of human resources, technologies and multiple culture. With our continuous efforts, AIMIX will becom...

The Introduction to Mini Concrete Batching Plant

Although the mini concrete batching plant has small size, it has strong function. So, if your construction site is small, the mini concrete batching plant will be your best choice. Today, I would like to talk about mini concrete batching plant. As we all know, the concrete batching plant is a set of device to form concrete. So does the mini concrete batching plant. The mini concrete batching plant mainly consists of aggregate bins, screw conveyor, control room, concrete mixer, cement silo, weig...

The Operation Principle of Automatic Control System for Concrete Batching Plant

concrete batching plant for exporting
For concrete batching plant, the full automatic control system is the main part. What’ s the operation principle of automatic control system? The automatic control system can be divided into the system with computer and the system without computer. The automatic control system with computer needs customers to set batching ratio by themselves according to operating procedure. Then, you will see all kinds of weighing proportions shown on the instrument. After setting the batching ratio well, you ...

What are the Differences Between Commercial Concrete Batching Plant and Engineering Concrete Batching Plant?

There are some differences between commercial concrete batching plant and engineering concrete batching plant, such as service object, configuration, price, usage,etc. Changli concrete batching plant has high quality. Then, I would like to talk about them. Firstly, the different service object Commercial concrete batching plant is used for producing concrete of high quality for selling. It is aimed to gain profit. While, the concrete produced by engineering concrete batching plant is used to s...

What are the Factors Influencing Concrete Batching Plant Price?

Ready Mix Plant for Sale
The number of person buying and investing concrete batching plant is becoming larger. To their confusion, the concrete batching plant of different manufacturers has different price. Then, what affect the price of concrete batching plant? What are the factors influencing concrete batching plant price? Today, I would like to talk about them. Firstly, the types of concrete batching plant. There are many types of concrete batching plant. Different type of concrete batching plant has different manuf...

Introduction to Mobile Concrete Mixer

When you premix concrete, the mobile concrete mixer is always used in big scale concrete factory. The mobile concrete mixer has high mixing effect, high working efficiency. The mobile concrete mixer, which is supplemented to stationary or mobile big scale concrete factory, is used to premix concrete. It is designed for meeting the increasing demand of the paving application of roller compacted concrete. The mobile concrete mixer can be used in any place. The characteristics of mobile concrete ...