Portable Concrete Mixers

Mobile concrete mixer is a nice choice for accomplishing small scale concrete construction jobs. With smaller size and light weight, portable mixers can be moved with ease. Portable mixer provides a choice for small amount onsite concrete mixing work.

Backed by experienced engineer team and high new technology, ChangLi Machinery is a dependable and professional concrete mixer manufacturer. Since the inception in 1982, ChangLi has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying reliable concrete mixers with excellent performance and affordable price to clients.

 Advantages of portable cement mixers :

1. Easy to be moved between construction sites
2. Easy to operate with low energy consumption
3. Optimized structure design makes portable mixers flexible and reliable
4. Diesel engine mixer is available, which is our special design for clients in regions lacking of electricity
5. Even mixing effect and durable performance
6. Engineers will supervise the installation and test run
7. Spare parts are available during the year
8. 12 months warranty period since the installation and commissioning

Specifications of Aimix Portable Concrete Mixer

1.2cbm diesel concrete mixer

1.2cbm portable concrete mixer

Model CL1200
Drum Capacity 1.8m3
Concrete Output 1.2m3
Loading Ratio 0.76
Metering Electronnic Weighing System(options)
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUNNEI4102
Power 60kw
Bucket Capacity 300L
Tyre 12-16.5
Weight 4800kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

2.0cbm diesel concrete mixer

2.0cbm portable concrete mixer

Model CL2000
Drum Capacity 3.0m3
Concrete Output 2.0m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 78kw
Bucket Capacity 550L
Tyre 16/70-20PR16
Weight 6500kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

3.5cbm diesel concrete mixer

3.5cbm portable concrete mixer

Model CL3500
Drum Capacity 5.4m3
Concrete Output 3.5m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 85kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

4cbm diesel concrete mixer

4cbm portable concrete mixer

Model CL4000
Drum Capacity 6.1m3
Concrete Output 4m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 92kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20 wire tires
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

Model CL1200 CL2000 CL3500 CL4000
Drum Capacity 1.8m3 3.0m3 5.4m3 6.1m3
Concrete Output 1.2m3 2.0m3 3.5m3 4m3
Loading Ratio 76%
Metering Electronnic Weighing System(options)
Capacity 4Batch/h 4Batch/h 4Batch/h 4Batch/h
Power 60kw 78kw 85kw 92kw
Bucket Capacity 300L 550L 650L 650L
Tyre 12-16.5 16/70-20PR16 16/70-20 16/70-20 wire tires
Weight 4800kg 6500kg 7600kg 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250 6030*2180*2250 7500*2700*3380 7500*2700*3380

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With more than 30 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, ChangLi Machinery will help you conduct your construction work successfully for sure by providing reliable concrete mixers with reasonable cost.

If you are going to handle small scale concrete jobs, welcome to contact us for detailed information of JZC series and JZM series portable concrete mixers.

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