Concrete Mixing Truck

Concrete mixing truck is also called cement mixing truck. This kind of truck is designed especially for export. As one of a professional concrete mixer truck manufacturers, we can ensure that our trucks have high quality and good performance. At present, there are kinds of truck concrete mixers for sale, they all enjoy a good reputation and are sold very well in foreign countries. Today, I will introduce the truck cement mixer to you.

Main components of concrete mixer truck:

In general, the truck includes chassis, transmission, hydraulic system, rack, mixing drum, loading and discharging system, water supply system, control system, ladder. Every part adopts advanced technology. For example, the mixing drum adopts different blades in different conic parts; the water supply system adopts water supply type and simple structure.

concrete mixing trucks


Features of concrete mixing trucks:

1. Excellent performance and convenient operation.

2. Steel structure adopts high-strength steel shot blasting, structure strength improved 20%, strong bearing capacity and great anti-knock effects.

3. Front-rear system design is reasonable: front-rear system adopts streamline design, guarantee the front-rear fluency, no leakage phenomenon.

4. Equipped with control system in cabin, so could be operated inside or outside of the cabin.

mixer truck

Specifications of cement mixing truck:

Item Model
8m3 9m3 10m3
Geometrical area(m3) 13.94 15.18 17.9
Drum Inner Max Diameter(mm) 2300 2300 2400
Drum Length(mm) 4750 5039 5474
Angle of Inclination 13 13 12
Oil pump type/Max

working pressure

42*90 42*90 42*90
Motor type/Max

working pressure

42*80 42*80 42*80
Gear Reducer type/

Max working torque/

speed ratio







60000/99.9 60000/102.8 65000/120.3
Water supply Mode Compressed Air Mode Compressed Air Mode Compressed Air Mode
Water Tank Capacity(L) 450 450 450
LxWxH(mm) 9135*2490*3810 9135*2490*3810 9810*2500*3985
Device Weight(kg) 13170 13170 13700
Axle Load(kg) 7000/18000 7000/18000 7000/18000
Wheel Base(Front/Back)(mm) 1939   1850/1850 1939   1850/1850 2036   1850/1850

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