The Classifications of Concrete Batching Plant

No matter you are only interested in concrete batching plant or want to purchase a set of the machine, you need to know the classifications of concrete batching plant in today’s construction industry. The reason is that in large extent the classification decides the process layout, use, equipment and other programs. By knowing some classification knowledge, you can easily communicate with the factory workers and at the same time satisfy your own needs.

The classifications of concrete batching plant mainly contains the following aspects.

concrete batching plant
1.Classify it according to the structures of concrete batching plant. In general, the concrete batching plant is divided into fixed batching plant and mobile batching plant, which is the first classification standard of a lot of manufacturers in current industry.

2.Classify it according to the operating modes of concrete batching plant. By this form concrete batching plant can be divided into continuous type and periodic type(or called intermittent type).

3.Classify it according to the process layout of concrete batching plant. With the different process arrangement, it is generally divided into first-order type and second-order type.

4.Classify it according to the different weighing methods of concrete batching plant. By different weighing modes, it can be divided into independent weighing plant and cumulative weighing plant.

5.Classify it according to the different forms of mixing host. It can be divided into self-falling type and forced type.

6.In addition to the above mentioned several kinds of division, the concrete batching plant can also be divided by way of aggregate feeding.

At present, the mainstream of the concrete batching plant market in construction industry is the HZS series concrete batching plant which contains small, medium and large equipment. As for mobile batching plant, the YHZS series of mobile concrete batching plant is launched as the star products. As one of the leading enterprises in construction industry, we have many different models of concrete batching plants. If you have any question or want to purchase, feel free to contact us or leave a message.

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