The Operation Principle of Automatic Control System for Concrete Batching Plant

For concrete batching plant, the full automatic control system is the main part. What’ s the operation principle of automatic control system?
The automatic control system can be divided into the system with computer and the system without computer. The automatic control system with computer needs customers to set batching ratio by themselves according to operating procedure. Then, you will see all kinds of weighing proportions shown on the instrument. After setting the batching ratio well, you can start button to make the machine run.
concrete batching plant installed in construction site
The automatic control system without computer needs to set the batching ratio by key. After setting, you can start the button. And then the machine can start to work.
The automatic control system of concrete batching plant has many advantages. It can automatically zero track because of adopting zero-tracking device, save ten kinds of formula, set the the number of times of batching and weigh the different materials separately.
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