What’s the Particular Parts of Small Concrete Mixer?

What’s the Particular Parts of Small Concrete Mixer?

Small concrete mixer can be divided into common concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer. The forced concrete mixer is widely used in construction at present.
The common parts of forced concrete mixer: hoisting bucket-wheel, mixing arm, vane, hopper limiter and scaleboard. Generally, the mixing arm, vane and scaleboard are quick-wear parts which should be changed in time.
concrete mixer
The particular parts of small concrete mixer:
1.Start up concrete mixer at first. After the electric machine beginning to revolve normally, you can push up the master clutch. During the 2-3minutes revolving of empty machine, you should observe mixing drum of small concrete mixer. When there is no abnormal phenomenon, such as unsteady, moving up and down, deviation, etc, and when hopper and discharge door are flexible, you can start to work.
2.When the hopper is close to ground, you should stop slightly and then put it on ground, avoiding the damage due to fast rate of descent.
3.After using, you should clean the concrete mixer. Especially in winter, the cleanness of drum can increase the service life.
The application of small concrete mixer is becoming wider. The small concrete mixer has won the customer’s trust.

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Introduction of the Weighing System of Concrete Mixing Plant

Introduction of the Weighing System of Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete mixing plant basically consists of stirring system, weighing system and control system. The weighing system is one of the most important parts of concrete mixing plant, which can greatly affect the quality of concrete and your costs. Generally speaking, it is mainly divided into aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing.

Aggregate weighing generally refers to the weighing of sand and stone, which is commonly seen in concrete batching machine. Aggregate weighting adopts electronic measurement, which has the advantages of accurate weighting, high batching accuracy and high weighting speed, and it can greatly improve the production efficiency of concrete batching plant. Besides that, it can realize the weighting of certain ratios with user’s requirements.

cement mixing plant

Powder weighing includes the weighing of powder, cement, slag, fly ash and others. It is also achieved accurate matching and weighing through the control system, which has high weighting speed and accuracy. In general, liquid weighing mainly consists of the weighting of water and other additives.

Accurate weighting can largely improve production efficiency and avoid the waste of materials, which can maximum user’s benefits. Our company has many types of concrete batching plants for sale, and our products have passed ISO, CE and other certifications, which also have sold very well at home and abroad. If you have any demand or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information at any time.

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How to choose the Perfect Site for your Concrete Batching Plant?

How to choose the Perfect Site for your Concrete Batching Plant?

With the increasing demand of concrete in our country, the site selection of concrete batching plant becomes very important. The suitable site has an essential relationship with the long-term development of concrete batching plants. Here comes the question. How to select the perfect site for your concrete batching plant? What kind of factors you need to consider before establishing your concrete plant?

First, you need to ensure that the site is close to stone and sand factories. It also requires enough water and stay away from residential area as far as possible. And the most important, the location of the site must has convenient transportation and drainage situations as well as stable power.

Second, you can make full use of the terrain if the terrain of the site is relatively good. It will help you solve investment funds problems, and saving operating funds too, which will maximum the benefits of your concrete batching plant. It is not only the even sites that will meet requirements of selection of concrete batch plants.

concrete batching plant


Then the stable electricity supply will be of great importance. The installation of concrete batch plants should avoid ground and underground cable, power supply or communication cable. Try to select the reasonable equipment configuration for your concrete batch plants.

At last, concrete batching plant is one of the most popular industries in our country, we should try to avoid blind investment as much as possible. A good site, a good beginning. Then you will pave a great road for the long-term development for your concrete batching plant.

Large Concrete Batching Plant will occupy more Market

Large Concrete Batching Plant will occupy more Market

As the implementation of new policy of the prohibition of ready mix concrete in construction sites, traditional concrete production industry has gradually turned into big production units. By now, large concrete batching plant has become the main production form in the production of commercial concrete in China. And large concrete production equipment has been rapidly spread in concrete production industry.

The demand of commercial concrete is very big in the construction of infrastructure industry in our country. However, large concrete batch plants can greatly meet the big demand for the projects, and professional companies and laboratories can also ensure the quality and stability of concrete to improve the efficiency and final benefits of your construction projects.

concrete plant
After the popularization of the large concrete plants, the production of the concrete will be more concentrated, and it is convenient for the guidance of functional departments too. It is also more convenient to monitor the production process of concrete. Large concrete batching plants can greatly improve the quality of concrete and the safety coefficient of the construction industry, and avoid the unnecessary costs and losses.

Large concrete batching plants are equipped with complete environmental protection facilities, and they have much more environmental protection funds, which will be more attractive comparing with traditional plants. Besides that, it has made great improvement in the control of dust, waste water, and noises. At present, our company is one of the leading environmental concrete batch plants producers, and we aim to maximum the benefits for our customers, and to produce plants that can realize much more energy- saving and emission reduction.

We will attend BICES 2015

We will attend BICES 2015

We will attend the Beijing International Construction Exhibition &Seminar this month, welcome to visit our booth!

Booth No.: E2523

Beijing International Construction Exhibition &Seminar

Show time: 22nd-25th Sep,2015
Address: Beijing, China (New Beijing International Exhibition Center)
Official Website: http://www.e-bices.org/engdefault.aspx

60T/H Mobile Asphalt Plant Exported to Paraguay in July 2015

60T/H Mobile Asphalt Plant Exported to Paraguay in July 2015

Changli mobile asphalt mixing plant with 60t/h capacity was exported to paraguay in July 2015.

Mobile Asphalt Plant Exported

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In Progress: Tappan Zee site gets own concrete plant

In Progress: Tappan Zee site gets own concrete plant

The collection of Tappan Zee Bridge equipment in the Hudson River just got another impressive piece: a floating concrete production factory.

The barge-mounted plant arrived this month and is one in a pair that will make some 300,000 cubic yards of concrete for the new crossing. The new plant is currently producing concrete for the span’s pile caps.

Fred Nolta, a California-based construction manager and concrete expert, said the portable plant is likely a cost-saver for the project team. In addition, crews won’t have to worry about transporting the concrete from an land-based factory to the river.

“You have a limited amount of time to get it placed where it needs to be. If you have a portable batch plant on site, you minimize that time element,” he said. “You aren’t putting it on a truck and sending it down the road and subjecting it to traffic and other road hazards.”
batching plants

The Tappan Zee’s concrete plant by the numbers:

30,000: the number of trucks that would be added to local roads over the next four years if the team had to haul in the concrete.

125 cubic yards: the average amount of concrete produced per hour at the plant

60 feet wide and 200 feet long: the size of each batch plant

Other facts about the floating factory:

• The crushed stone used for the concrete comes from a nearby quarry and is taken to the plant by barge.

• The plant towers hold the concrete’s raw materials — stone, water and cement — that are mixed by an onboard operator.

• A sophisticated computer system ensures the mixture meets certain specifications. It’s then tested in a certified laboratory on board.

• The plant uses energy efficient engines and has an advanced air-quality system to reduce dust during production.

Creative Uses for Concrete in Your Home and Garden

Creative Uses for Concrete in Your Home and Garden

One of the most contemporary and versatile materials we know, concrete is very much in the home decorating spotlight these days. You will be amazed at the wide variety of concrete applications. It can be used for exciting designs that run the gamut all the way from stylish, hard-wearing, counter-tops to atres chic garden bench. Here are 8 cutting-edge concrete projects from Home-talk.

1. Concrete Kitchen Island
How do you come up with the ultimate kitchen island? Create a sinuously curved concrete island wall! The Chirping Frog had her heart set on this distinctive design for her new home. Eighteen bags of concrete later, she loves the finished product, which was sanded and then re-sanded to bring out its subtle gradations of color. Notice how perfectly the island coordinates with that cute pebble back splash.

2. Garden Globes
Concrete decor is BIG for gardens right now … but it tends to come with a big price tag to match. Kathy @ TBD•TGG•DYSS decided to mold her own garden globes with the help of inexpensive thrift store lamp covers. The easy DIY results are gorgeous and cost only $5 apiece. Optional: add coloring and embellishments like marbles or bits of bright ceramic or glass.

concrete plant

3. Carved Concrete Fireplace
This beautiful stone fireplace isn’t … real stone, that is. Amazingly, it’s actually a concrete fireplace, hand-carved by the Chirping Frog as a living room feature in the home she and her husband built. She worked with a vertical concrete mix, using stamps and a small pointed trowel. A warmly tinted stain provides the finishing touch to this outstanding project.

4. DIY Chevron Inspired Concrete Garden Bench
Chevron stripes are so cool, and even cooler is the idea of styling a concrete bench with zigzag panache. C. Renee of the Garden Frog Boutique put together a reusable frame out of wood to craft several of these unique, inviting garden accents, which are as much a form of sculpture as they are seating.

5. DIY Concrete Planters
Trendy concrete planters are an easy DIY. Sarah for 20 State just grabbed a few flexible containers from her recycling and repurposed them as molds to turn out a variety of shapes and sizes. Although she used a simple concrete/sand/aggregate mix, you could add sphagnum moss and perlite to create hyper-tufa plant pots that are super-lightweight.

6. Concrete Floor Stained to Look Like Tile
Tad! Farm Fresh Vintage Finds transformed her barn into a cozy studio worthy of her artistic talents. The first (major!) step was laying a sturdy concrete floor to replace the old messy gravel surface. Not content to rest on her laurels, she followed up by taping the floor in a grid pattern and staining to look like tile. A coat of low-luster sealer tops it all off.

7. Concrete Counter-tops
Attractive concrete counter-tops are a thoroughly modern look. Naomi C. of Delight Creative Designs-constructed these simple to do-it-yourself counter-tops as part of a complete kitchen makeover; they are the ideal replacement for the former falling-apart laminate horrors. Beyond their pretty “face,” concrete counters in a bathroom or kitchen are durable and can safely cover up a multitude of cosmetic problems.

8. Poured Concrete Path
This handsome stone-look concrete walkway is a low-cost, low-maintenance dream. (It’s also much cooler than real stone on bare feet, as they run from patio to pool.) Bliss Ranch’s handy hubby quickly shaped the poured concrete freehand before it hardened, then stained the path to blend with the landscape rocks that surround it.

Shanghai Bauma Exhibiton in China 2014 for Machinery

Shanghai Bauma Exhibiton in China 2014 for Machinery



Zhengzhou Changli will attend Shanghai Bauma Exhibition in China 2014 for Machinery:

Time:  Nov 25th~28th, 2014

Booth Number:  J.52 outside

Products Exhibited:  HZS180 Concrete Batch Plant Mixing Unit with Tower

Address Shanghai New International Expo Center

7th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery

Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment

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