Precast Concrete Differs with Ready Mix Concrete

We can often hear precast concrete and ready mix concrete or precast concrete batching plant and ready mix concrete batching plant in construction industry. With only one word distinction, do you know what is the difference between them specifically? Here we will look at it.

Ready mix concrete, also known as commodity concrete, refers to the concrete stirred concentrated in factory or workshop and then transported to the construction site. It is often sold as a commodity so it is also called commodity concrete which is commonly known as ash or material. It is composed of cement, aggregate and other mineral admixture according to a certain proportion and after metering in the ready mix concrete batching plant, then mixing in the concrete mixing truck and finally it is transported to the places of the destination sites within specified time.

concrete batching plant

Precast concrete, cast in other place rather than in the final construction site, is the basic building units of concrete construction such as cement brick, cement board, precast slab, etc. When you use it, you just need to install and assemble. Besides, the reliability and toughness of precast concrete products with different sizes and shapes can be strengthened by fiber. Simply to say, ready mix concrete is semi-finished product while precast concrete is finished product.

In recent years, precast concrete and ready mix concrete have become more and more popular in the construction industry with their low cost and excellent performance. Concentrated concrete mixing is conducive to the use of advanced technology and the implementation of professional production management. We are specialized in producing all kinds of precast concrete batching plants and ready mix concrete batching plants and concrete mixers, concrete pumps, etc. Our products have high utilization rate, accurate measurement system, good product quality and less material consumption which can not only improve working conditions but also reduce environmental pollution. Welcome to contact us or leave us a message if you have interests.

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