We Are Struggling for Establishing High Efficiency-low Carbon Concrete Batching Plant

Along with new rural construction, one belt and one road construction,urban village reconstruction, old city reconstruction and this kind of projects pushing up, the cities appearance show brand new, which not only improves people’s living standards, but also injects vitality for the urban development. Under these obtained achievements, we can’t make it without construction materials of concrete. However, because of the much dust when the concrete batching plant works, it is easy to pollute the environment without control. From what has been discussed above, creating a green environment protection concrete mixing plant is in urgent need to be done.

There are several disadvantages in our country building material industry technology such as ore without washing, high dust content in storage, transportation process, and the sand material. In view of this situation, we use enclosed aggregate field in the process at same time adopt new building materials such as hollow brick to build the wall, which makes it much better. This method stops dust from floating in the environment and also reduces traffic noise pollution effectively.

concrete batching plant

Firstly, the whole plant is all closed. The host part is all closed and at the same time aggregate feeding belt conveyor is encapsulated in color steel watts which will reduce the probability of dust emissions to the air.

Secondly, the local part is partly closed. In the transport ion process of concrete batching plant, the junction is exposure to the air which makes dust easily into the air. This kind of parts is important but hard to cover. In our technical scheme, we seek some retractable seal structure, which has a very good effect and meanwhile makes the moving parts free.

Finally, the most important task of green environmental protection is to decrease dust pollution and control dust emissions. We have many years experience in establishing high efficiency of low carbon concrete batching plant. We have been focusing on this. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a message.

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